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Intelligence Report
Summer Issue
May 16, 2013

On May 19, 2012, as many as 18 self-described anti-racists stormed into a suburban Chicago family restaurant and attacked a group of white nationalists meeting for lunch with batons, baseball bats and chair legs. The bloody attack highlighted the long history of endemic violence between white supremacists and “anti-fascists” that also includes the 1998 murder of two anti-racist skinheads in a neo-Nazi plot.

Intelligence Report
Fall Issue
August 30, 2009

Seven members of the Inland Empire Skinheads were arrested in a daylong sweep in southern California April 20, including two female gang members who were arrested in hospitals where they had induced labor to ensure their babies would be born on Adolf Hitler's 120th birthday.

Intelligence Report
Spring Issue
February 26, 2009

A crew from the American Front, a Sacramento, Calif.-based gang of racist skinheads led by David Lynch, traveled to Walt Disney World in Florida, where they doubtless shocked other visitors as they sieg-heiled their way down the Splash Mountain flume ride.

Intelligence Report
Winter Issue
November 30, 2008

Oregon-based Volksfront held its first annual "Althing" on land said to have been recently purchased by the racist skinhead gang.