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Hatewatch Headlines 12/1/2017

Pompeo’s ties to far-right anti-Muslim groups; Where Silicon Valley’s hate speech dysfunction began; Tips for journalists covering the far right; and more.

Right Wing Watch: Mike Pompeo, purportedly in line to be Secretary of State, has ties to far-right anti-Muslim groups.

New Yorker: The origins of Silicon Valley’s dysfunctional attitude towards hate speech. A look at some widely spread falsehoods about Muslims.

The Nation: Gary Younge advises reporters on how best to interview a white nationalist. Ten tips for journalists newly covering far-right extremists.

The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA): Jason Kessler files for a permit to march on ‘Unite the Right’ anniversary in 2018.

Right Wing Watch: The neo-Nazis got drunk and wrote a touching ode to ‘Trad Women.’

Huffington Post: The FBI’s major crime report is missing critical info and experts are sounding the alarm.

AlterNet: Jeff Sessions’ constant lying is being used to help the criminal defense of the white cop who murdered Walter Scott.

Media Matters: CNN’s ‘both sides’ problem infects its coverage of Trump’s anti-Muslim tweets.

The Forward: Why doesn’t the New York Times mention Ben Shapiro’s virulent Islamophobia?

Oregonian: Malheur refuge occupier Jon Ritzheimer apologizes as he receives a one-year sentence.

Salon: The alt-right catches knight fever – but medieval scholars strike back.

Raw Story: Black Florida Republican announces he’s leaving GOP because Trump’s racism fuels ‘the potential for a race war.’

Think Progress: In 2008 audio, Roy Moore compares marriage equality to Nazism and pines for anti-sodomy laws.

Columbus Dispatch (OH): Ohio House speaker defends overlooking behavior of ex-member accused of molestation.

Washington Post: Ku Klux Klan chapter aims recruiting campaign at small Virginia towns.

Vice: Murder at America’s Border: The story of an anti-immigration vigilante named Shawna Forde.

BuzzFeed: This guy is trying to lead Canada’s budding white-nationalist movement.

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