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These are the names of 75 men and women who died between 1952 and 1968 under circumstances suggesting they were the victims of racially motivated violence.


We’re working to ensure that people living in poverty in the Deep South, especially communities of color, are not punished or exploited because of their economic status.

SPLC Designated Hate Group
The Liberty Counsel was founded by conservative activists Mathew (“Mat”) Staver – an attorney and former dean at Liberty University School of Law – and his wife Anita. The Counsel bills itself as a non-profit litigation, education and policy organization that provides legal counsel and pro bono...
Pearson advocates for total racial isolation, arguing that the possibility of “interbreeding” between “higher” and “lower” races will result in the “devolution” of the more “highly evolved” race. He has also been, either directly or through his organizations, among the most significant recipients...
SPLC Designated Hate Group
Known for its accusations that a shadowy “Muslim Brotherhood” has infiltrated all levels of government and warnings that “creeping Sharia,” or Islamic religious law, is a threat to American democracy, Center for Security Policy (CSP) founder Frank Gaffney has called for Congressional hearings along...